First blog on my web page

I enjoy reading historical fiction and biographies.

Despite the hard life our ancestors lived in the 1800s, it was also a time of rapid change. And a time for opportunity.

Join me on my journey as I tell the stories uncovered over the last decades, while researching my family tree.

  • Surprises and hidden stories were discovered.
  • Tales about real people who did some not so honourable things.
  • People who objected to the laws and traditions of the time.

Family members whose personalities have come alive as I met them via census papers and births, deaths and marriages – balanced tentatively in the economic times of the era.

The Fortune Seekers sets out to discover the truth – or my version of truth. My goal is establishing what drove certain people to go searching to where the grass appears greener.Why did they do this? And what might it have been like?

Go south young folk – To the great new world out there.


It’s almost time to open the pages….as soon  The Fortune Seekers has completed its publication experience. It has now been released. Available to be purchased at the following websites.

If you would like a copy, click on

In the box displayed, Type in – The Fortune Seekers Dan and Charlotte

Available as soft or hardcover, or as an ebook.


Glennis Browne





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