Family Tree Research – answers and questions

Introduction to The Fortune Seekers

In a non-fiction historical novel, reasons for major decisions made by ancestors are often unknown. After research, I began to imagine that certain religious and political struggles may be reasons for many of the upheavals within historic families. Therefore, this novel is a work of fiction.

For my readers who have no religious beliefs, please read the first part of the story as an emotional upheaval, experienced by many in the eighteen hundreds in Britain. You may understand the past clearer.

For those with religious beliefs, or who have the same background, perhaps this story will enlighten you in a different way.


What reflection do you see when looking back  into the past?


Everyone picking up this novel, if you trace your families back to the United Kingdom, you may recognise your own histories within the following story. Your own questions may be answered.

As the story unfolds, together we will discover how society caused this emotional conflict. The theologies and circumstances of the time changed the lives of generations to follow, causing many to leave their countries of birth, emigrating to places unknown, resulting in yours and my families to be living in the places where they emigrated to and to have the beliefs they knew as truths.

Please enjoy this journey back in time as Charlotte and Dan face their personal challenges and conflicts.

They are actual people, who did live in the places mentioned. They are my ancestors – young adults who were grappling with life.
This is their story – some factual, some fictitious.


It is a story of love; of experiencing life and death, dreams and disappointments, repeatedly overcoming obstacles while seeking to live the life they believe life can become – a life of good fortune. Enjoy.

We meet Dan in part 1, and in part 2, Charlotte.

Even though this story is based on certain real events, it is a work of fiction. As to return to these times, it is impossible to know the truth about how relationships began, and the reasons people made certain decisions.

The surnames are also fictitious, although close family who have knowledge of our ancestral tree may identify their ancestors and be intrigued to read my interpretation of certain historical events recorded.

Do enjoy reading The Fortune Seekers


Published by Glennis Browne (Annie Browne)

New Zealand author, blogging and researcheing family trees. I write fiction ally about historical families, focusing on the challenges, social issues and indiscretions that caused major disruptions in ancestors lives. My aim is to create realistic reality by bringing greater understanding to our generation. Follow The Journeys of the Fortune Seekers Series of novels written by Annie Browne. Book 4 underway. I also write as Glennis Browne.

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