My background as a Writer

Throughout my life I have almost written a number of books.

I have always enjoyed being a book reader. In the process; getting lost in a story, learning more about life and social issues. But my writing life started as a child of seven or eight.

  • As a child I created a twelve chapter story entitled ‘Beth- the orphan’. Handwritten in a school exercise book.
  • Following this novel, a three part comic story about a girl. I named it ‘Bella Golden’ Bella’s activities were created in childlike drawings.
  • Sadly all of these childhood stories have been lost over the years.

As a young adult – at teacher’ college, the students in the English course needed to write a chilrens’ book as an assignment.

  • Once again I drew a pictorial story about a boy on a train – entitled ‘Tim takes a train trip’.
  • All I recall in writing this is my attempt at making the words read like the sound of a train on the tracks. The clickity click – ‘we’re getting there, we’re getting there’ ran through the story – onomatopoeia I think it is called.

Many years later in the 1990s, when computers were first being bought by everyday people for their homes, in my middle age I began my life’s story. An analysis of

  • Why I am who I am.
  • Challenges I have faced.
  • Motivations
  • What I believe – spiritually.
  • I began an autobiographical manuscript on my journey to faith in Jesus. This is yet to be published. It sits in a file in documents on my computer. Only one person has read it.

So, here I am now.

A soon to be published author.

  • Which has come together after a decade of family tree research,
  • After discovering interesting information about my ancestors, I discovered story writing again, in a fictional historic novel.


Eighteen months later my first novel has been written. Presently in with a self publishing company to bring it to print, into ebook form, and released on the market.

As I await the release date, my focus has been on building relationships, joining and promoting on social networks, so that more than family and friends may show an interest in ‘The Fortune Seekers’. People like you will become readers and followers, if you enjoy my novel I hope you will enjoy it.


The Fortune Seekers is being published in July or August 2016

I invite you to follow me on “glenniswritingabc.

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Now, say hello to my furry family friends :- Noodle the cute cat and…image

….LB the family Labradorimage

Catch you later,



Published by Glennis Browne (Annie Browne)

New Zealand author, blogging and researcheing family trees. I write fiction ally about historical families, focusing on the challenges, social issues and indiscretions that caused major disruptions in ancestors lives. My aim is to create realistic reality by bringing greater understanding to our generation. Follow The Journeys of the Fortune Seekers Series of novels written by Annie Browne. Book 4 underway. I also write as Glennis Browne.

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