The Fortune Seekers – Now Published!!

My September Newsletter
Wow! I’m a Published Author at Last!

I am thrilled to announce the completion of my first published novel – Book One of ‘The Fortune Seekers’.
It’s been a long but exciting journey. With over five years of research, including travelling to locations in Wales, England, and within Australia exploring rural New South Wales towns – such as Gundegai, Goulburn, and Carcoar. To follow the gold rush areas where the main characters travelled and lived.


The Publishing Process
– Photos needed approval and editing.
– Words needed repeated editing – a process never completed as when you think you are done, and send the manuscript off, what do you find ? More errors.
– And upon reading the hardcopy, (which is quite a different experience to reading online,) it reads differently again.  Never perfect. ( So please be gentle on authors all of you wordsmiths.)

I’m happy with the front cover, and the professional look and quality of the completed book. Xlibris were excellent, as they worked through my inexperience. Dealing with my many questions, returning many times to correct what I found, before  allowing me to sign it off.
Now ‘The Fortune Seekers’ is on the worldwide market. And one day in book shops if all goes well, as I have signed with IngramSpark international catalogue
The Fortune Seekers- Dan and Charlotte
Available now as hardcover, soft cover and Ebook from –

By reading The Fortune Seekers, you might

* Discover what it might mean to have found or made your fortune.

* Answer questions as to why our ancestors may have immigrated.




The Book Release Celebration at my Village is now organised.

On 24th September at Noosa Domain Village, Noosa, Queensland, five local authors are joining me by displaying their recently published books.
Attendees have the opportunity to learn about the writing, editing, and personal journey our published books travelled. Such as:-
– Where did the story came from?
– How was the cover chosen?

And reviewing –

– Learn why reviews are important to authors, and how to review a book. (In my case reviews can be left at Xlibris, Amazon and Barnesand Noble.)
– What’s with the five stars accreditation? *****
-What if a reader has criticisms?
-Should a reviewer post strong negatives or is there a better option to inform the author by email or messaging?

I envite you, your friends and your families to join us in the beautiful Domain Lounge.
At 1.30pm. Enjoy a complimentary glass of bubbles and nibbles during the afternoon. And have your books signed by the authors. Credit cards and cash sales are accepted .

I have many to thank.
Firstly Trev, my husband, who took over doing meals when I was too engrossed to stop. Who drives me to wherever we need to go. And puts up with me being lost in thought.
Also my sons and grandchildren- whose interest in my book is refreshing. Especially young ten year old Luke who is reading and remembering so many details.
I thank Jeanne my first editor, who taught me how to write, and not repeat myself. I still have not got that perfect.
I thank Bev, Carol and John who pre read parts, bringing suggestions. Also gave helpful tips.
And my Noosa Village Book Group – I think you will be my hardest critique partners. Thanks for your enthusiasm as the publishing process crept along.
And I thank you – reading this newsletter – as you are my followers and supporters. I needed you all, and still do.

Diary Dates:

Release celebration Event

Saturday 24th September 1.30pm

Noosa Domain Village Lounge
You and your friends are invited to come along. It’s an opportunity to meet five other local Queensland authors who are also promoting their recent book releases.

A glass of bubbly and nibbles will be provided after the authors show their novels. Opportunities to buy and sign copies. Accepting cards and cash.

Sydney Event
October 8th and 9th
Sydney Book Expo at Rosehill Gardens Raceway
When  – Saturday, Oct. 8th, 9:30am to Sunday, Oct. 9th, 3:30pm
Where  -Rosehill Gardens Racecourse Conference Rooms, Sydney

I will be sharing a table with author Jack Kregas for the weekend. On our table we will display our books, provide videos about them, and nibbles to chew on as you browse.
Cash and credit cards acceptable for purchases.

We have a limited number of free entrance tickets if you want to save on the $10 door entrance cost. Just let me know and I will arrange it. (By Email)

Check out my websites

Xlibris website
My recently designed Xlibris website is up and running. Pop in and have a look. Blog posts appear here every week or so. Plus everything about ‘The Fortune Seekers’ – including a synopsis, reviews, about myself, that a reader may like to know.

Check out my WordPress website  –

This website is up to date with what is happening, what has happened, excerpts from The Fortune Seekers, and reviews. Check it out


Visit my blog page  –
Every week I stumble upon interesting information, turning it into a guest blog. Also I write about incidents, thoughts and such-like that tickle my fancy. Click here to check it out.
Road Trip coming up
All of October and November Trev and I will be on the road with our caravan, travelling to areas where ‘The Fortune Seekers’ takes place. I will have books with me, promoting in the rural areas as we travel.
Plus visiting friends and family throughout New South Wales, Victoria and maybe Adelaide. As book two is situated at Echuca and Tralagan, Coalville, Sydney and Melbourne, our holiday will be a journey of discovering history, taking photos and speaking with locals. We will be as gypsys- journeying where ever we are lead, and having a holiday at the same time.
More on this next month.
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Published by Glennis Browne (Annie Browne)

New Zealand author, blogging and researcheing family trees. I write fiction ally about historical families, focusing on the challenges, social issues and indiscretions that caused major disruptions in ancestors lives. My aim is to create realistic reality by bringing greater understanding to our generation. Follow The Journeys of the Fortune Seekers Series of novels written by Annie Browne. Book 4 underway. I also write as Glennis Browne.

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