The world of online content can be confusing!

Hi bloggers and writers,

This week I published a blog that accidentally broke some reposting blogging rules. Fortunately the lovely authors of the blog contacted me, and shared the confusing rules.
Today, I pass them on, trusting you will benefit also. Correct information is powerful, as it equips us in our art.

Below is a summary of what I have learnt. Taken from my communication with writer Allyson E. Machate <>

May you find it as helpful as I have,

The world of online content can be confusing!

The rules change all the time. So first, let me say that I'm flattered and honored that you're finding our blog useful and that you liked what you saw there enough to want to share it with your audience.

The best, and legal, way to share blog posts that you like as follows.

  1. To either write up a brief bit about what you liked best, key takeaways, maybe a very brief excerpt (like the opening paragraph)
  2. OR create a summary of the advice and article in your own words.

Either way, you would then provide a link to the original article so readers have to go there to read the full piece. 

The thing is, this is just as important for you as it is for the original blogger.

Google's search algorithms actually deduct points from sites when it detects text that is found elsewhere, identically, on the Web. Why?

  • There was a time when common marketing practice was to write a blog post or article and get it published in as many places as possible so you'd generate a lot of "back links" or links back to your website. Now, Google discourages that.
  • They still value websites that have a lot of back links, but like I said, if there is identical text, it's a strike against your site.
  • In this case, the strike would be against us both because the article appears in full on both sites. (This is not what either of us want!)
  • So, the best solution here is for you to take the article down and replace it with one of the two options I mentioned above. Here's an example of how I do something similar on my own site:

(Down it will be going this morning.)

Finally, to quote from Ally,

In the future, I invite you to follow the same procedure with any article from our blog that you find helpful and worth sharing. We all want more links out there directing people back to our site 😉

You just can't reprint the article in full these days.

Hope that clarifies things, and thank you for your conscientiousness. See you on the Interwebs!

Thank you Ally.

One great part of writing and blogging is learning

Ally E. Machate
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ntil next time. . .

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