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Glennis Browne – author

Author, Glennis Browne explains why immigrants moved to Australia in the 1860s. She explores real incidents of grief and poverty during the Australian gold rush years.

  • Does love bring peace?

  • The 21st century reader may learn of the reality of their ancestors lives and find answers in this book.

Dan and Charlotte need to make courageous decisions.
Dan, a deep thinker, challenges accepted beliefs of a Christian denomination gaining converts throughout the century. Branded a rebellious non conformist, he longs to escape confusing religious doctrinal beliefs.

Charlottes sees ahead a lifetime of shame and disgrace.

Separately, they begin adventurous and challenging lives, joining the thousands of emigrants who join the early pioneers in Australia.

In this novel, the struggles of supporting large families and dealing with grief and poverty during the Australian gold rush years come alive. But can real love change everything?

An excerpt from the book:
‘This isn’t the freedom I am after!’

Dan’s cry is from his heart.
‘You misunderstand freedom, Daniel. You want freedom? Then break free, step out into the unknown. Come follow me!’
The mocking voice drives his confused mind unrelentingly into a place of greater instability.

With well-drawn characters and riveting plot, “The Fortune Seekers – Dan and Charlotte” is a book of crisis, hope, adventure and challenge. It shows the repercussions of sexual experimentation, marital infidelity and loving relationships as they are.

This exciting new release  follows ‘The Fortune Seekers’ – where two key people-  Dan and Charlotte work through personal challenges,  making decisions which will change the course of history.

Within the pages you will discover momentous situations within their lives that change the course of history for those living today.

The author, Glennis Annie Browne chronicles the beginning of this compelling tale of 18th century immigrants in Australia.

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