Being a Distance Grandparent

I have now finished reading Helen Ellis, my author friend’s well researched, informative book on Distance Families.Her ability to study in-depth, write honestly and portray the many aspects of distance parenting and grandparenting throughout the book is admirable.Many chapters held my attention, but especially the topics regarding acceptance and reflection of the past. Also, theContinue reading “Being a Distance Grandparent”

Great dialogue instruction by Mary Carroll Moore – an influencer in developing writing skills.

Each month I receive a newsletter from Mary Carroll Moore. Experience has taught me to digest her teaching tips as Mary writes gems. Glennis Annie Browne FRIDAY, JUNE 25, 2021 What I’ve Learned about Great Dialogue from Thrillers  I love literary fiction, rich nonfiction, travel memoir, all kinds of books, actually, that take me places.Continue reading “Great dialogue instruction by Mary Carroll Moore – an influencer in developing writing skills.”

Acid loving plants

My hydrangea plants are budding, and it is time to feed them acid plant food, ensuring I have deep blue flowers. Our soil here is peat and tends to favour acid loving plants. I feed the strawberries and blueberries as well, as one more month and we will have spring where I live . TheContinue reading “Acid loving plants”

Country girl at heart

Chook, chook, chookies , sitting high on your perch.Heads tucked in your plumage, safe from the storm,while the easterly wind whirls and whines.Blustery gusts, driving showers of rain every which way,drenching your chook house, as nearby branches are bending and heaving in the storm.But you, my girls, without a worry remain silent, without a care.Continue reading “Country girl at heart”

Book Launching- a blog by Book Baby

Good morning- following is a blog which has great ideas you may find helpful in book launching. Blog courtesy of Book Baby Over my (many) years in the publishing business, I’ve heard thousands of ideas about how to create a successful book launch. Some are great, like this one: “Do some homework to see if youContinue reading “Book Launching- a blog by Book Baby”

Smart Story Location Matters- blog by Mary Tyler Moore

Why a Smart Story Location Matters–and How It’s about a Lot More Than Setting Realtors know that smart location is everything in buying or selling property. Try to sell a house that’s near a busy highway or high tension wires, and you’ll learn this. In story, a good location is also really important–I wouldn’t sayContinue reading “Smart Story Location Matters- blog by Mary Tyler Moore”

Making your scenes rock – seven tips by Mary Carroll Moore

Making Your Scenes Rock–Seven Tips for Stronger ScenesOne of my favorite writing-craft guides, often recommended to writers who want to hone their scenes in fiction and memoir, is The Scene Book by Sandra Scofield.Not all writers know how to write scenes, truthfully. Neither did I, for many years. My scenes began as “islands,” or unorganizedContinue reading “Making your scenes rock – seven tips by Mary Carroll Moore”

Am I Crazy or What?

I am ruthlessly editing? In truth, I am reducing the word count in books one and two to lower their retail prices, and in doing so have created a book in between the two. When pasting each chapter through GRAMMARLY I discovered with shock and horror, the comma catastrophes and hanging what do they callContinue reading “Am I Crazy or What?”