The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton The Journey Continues- Journeys of the Fortune Seekers is an historical fiction series of Four books, following the journeys through life of four families. Discover the challenges, hopes, fears they face. Uncover motivations and nuances which rob themContinue reading “The Journey Begins”

Secrets- The Introduction

I sought to follow my family’s examples to live a happy life as a girl. This ambition meant understanding the guiding principles as stipulated in The Good Book. We believed in moderation in everything, of being charitable, keeping the faith, having hope and trusting in our God in all things, and doing good works asContinue reading “Secrets- The Introduction”

Make dementia your bitch

Now, it’s not like me to use words such as b…ch, but as my blog is written by another blogger I cannot change her words. In essence Dementia is a bitch! Maybe you know of someone suffering dementia, or are of an age as I am, to be thinking about this illness, and wondering howContinue reading “Make dementia your bitch”

The Road to Remembering

The Road to Remembering: How Do You Recall Accurate Memories for Your Memoir by Mary Carroll Moore- author, artist and teacher. My writing is fictional history based upon research of my family beginning the mid 1860s. It’s not actually memoir, but memories, places and events play a huge role in the story line. Books threeContinue reading “The Road to Remembering”

Family Tree Research – answers and questions

Introduction to The Fortune Seekers In a non-fiction historical novel, reasons for major decisions made by ancestors are often unknown. After research, I began to imagine that certain religious and political struggles may be reasons for many of the upheavals within historic families. Therefore, this novel is a work of fiction. For my readers whoContinue reading “Family Tree Research – answers and questions”