What’s in my infrequent newsletter?

What’s in the newsletter?-

I enjoy sharing about the life I live as a new author. My newsletter shares funny situations, challenging aspects and disappointments experienced in a monthly newsletter.

• Progress on my novels is shared.

• What is happening to characters, how they force me to change their personalities as their stories unfold.

• Where ideas come from

• Reviews- and how important they are.

• Previews from chapters.

• Opportunities for you to share with me, I will reply. You never know, your comments may appear in a newsletter and on my webpage. I enjoy posting photos of readers holding my novels.

If you would like to receive by email my monthly newsletter, please email me – glentrev@gmail.com

  • I promise I won’t spam you.
  • Members receive early notice about my books.
  • Also give always and reduced Ebook promotions.
  • See photos of Book Release Events, book signings, road trips, research travels, interviews, and more.

The hard covers and Paperbacks on display – I’m practicing my signature for dedication on books sold.

Guests and local authors mingle at book displays; networking together by promoting and encouraging each other’s massive achievement in writing and publishing books. Many are self publishing authors.

Cash or Cards – Credit card facilities were available

The Fortune Seekers series – is  available as ebooks and paper books.

You may order my books at various online book stores.




Thank you for visiting my webpage.

From Glennis and Annie

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