My Background as a Writer

My background as a Writer

Throughout my life I have almost written a number of books. I have always enjoyed being a book reader. In the process; getting lost in a story, learning more about life and social issues. But my writing life started as a child of seven or eight. As a child I created a twelve chapter story… Continue reading My background as a Writer

Family Research

Family Tree Research – answers and questions

Introduction to The Fortune Seekers In a non-fiction historical novel, reasons for major decisions made by ancestors are often unknown. After research, I began to imagine that certain religious and political struggles may be reasons for many of the upheavals within historic families. Therefore, this novel is a work of fiction. For my readers who… Continue reading Family Tree Research – answers and questions



Prologue and Introduction to Part 1 of The Fortune Seekers Wanderlust Many people experience a sense of dissatisfaction with life, often happening for no particular reason, or due to deep questions needing answering. Objectively, a person may deal with the obstacles holding him back, after doing some serious introspection, before striding off into the unknown,… Continue reading Wanderlust