The riveting plot and well drawn characters bring The Fortune Seekers to life in the revised novel, to be re released in November

Author Glennis Browne’s riveting plot and well-drawn characters delve into issues facing the population of Great Britain in the mid-1800s.

Browne explores, through the lives of Dan and Charlotte, whether a peaceful life is about acceptance of what life hands us as well as spiritual survival. Asking-

o Is it true people live their lives seeking what they don’t yet have,

o Is such a search productive in discovering what is meaningful in life?

o Is it true we cannot avoid suffering but we can choose how to cope with it?

o Does finding meaning in suffering move us forwards with renewed purpose.

By understanding forgiveness, can we restore lost faith in God and discover peace?Browne bases her story upon nineteenth-century biblical interpretations, exploring huge questions in the context of two families, showing how

o Historical incidents of social and religious confusion affect us.

o Manipulation and poverty can be seen for what they do.

Dan is a deep thinker who –

o Challenges Welsh Calvinist beliefs which gained converts throughout the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

o Is branded a rebellious nonconformist.

o Is desperate to escape confusing doctrines to discover his identity.

Charlotte predicts shame and disgrace as her destiny

o After indulging in a relationship fraught with complicated challenges.

Separately, they join the thousands of emigrants who became the early pioneers in Australia.

The twenty-first-century reader will discover their own ancestors’ experiences, perhaps providing answers as Browne chronicles possibilities.

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