Country girl at heart

Chook, chook, chookies , sitting high on your perch.
Heads tucked in your plumage, safe from the storm,
while the easterly wind whirls and whines.
Blustery gusts, driving showers of rain every which way,
drenching your chook house, as nearby branches are bending and heaving in the storm.
But you, my girls, without a worry remain silent, without a care. Warm, dry within.
Tucked up on your perch, awaiting another day, dreaming of clucking with contentment and nesting in the hay.


Published by Glennis Browne (Annie Browne)

New Zealand author, blogging and researcheing family trees. I write fiction ally about historical families, focusing on the challenges, social issues and indiscretions that caused major disruptions in ancestors lives. My aim is to create realistic reality by bringing greater understanding to our generation. Follow The Journeys of the Fortune Seekers Series of novels written by Annie Browne. Book 4 underway. I also write as Glennis Browne.

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